Virtual Football Expert Berti

The virtual football expert Berti, integrated with a speech recognition system, can answer anything about the football Bundesliga.

Deutsches Museum Berti

Berti, located at the Deutsches Museum, is a virtual football expert who knows nearly anything about the football Bundesliga. As a football expert, he knows not only the current score, but also the next football teams playing.

A speech recognition system allows this natural and spoken request of information via telephone. The virtual character "Berti" is used to interact with the visitors. His function is the voice output - the answers of the dialogue system. Virtual characters are very important when talking about intuitive human-machine communication.

This innovation in speech technology and edutainment is a result of the research results of the BMBF project VirtualHuman. To realise this exhibit, Charamel cooperated with the DFKI , who was responsible for the installation, as well as the company Sympalog.