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Completely autonomous planning of animation and dialogue behaviour of virtual characters in real-time 

Virtual Human

The aim of this corporate project is to achieve by means of a close cooperation of Germany's leading research groups in the area of computational graphics and multimodal user interfaces a worldwide leading position in the development of virtual characters as personal dialogue partners. Through this close cooperation it will be possible to reach an entirely new quality of interactive systems. One possible field of application is, for instance, educational software where the personification of the tutor system demonstrably leads to a better learning efficiency and secures a lasting learning success. Alongside this field of application, all interactive web applications - and here especially e-business - contribute to the huge application potential of the technologies that are to be developed in this project.

Charamel as a partner in this project worked together with the research institutes DFKI, Fraunhofer IGD and IMK and the ZGDV, as well as the industrial partners rmh new media GmbH and OTLO VR Systeme GmbH. The project Virtual Human has been finished successfully in October 2006. 

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