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Next Generation of Living.Communcation!

Our vision is to bring more human touch in interactive applications by using virtual humans called Avatars. An Avatar creates a natural interaction by its body language, expressions and communication style. These personalities bring a social connection in the communication between human and machine and can be used as a new multimodal and user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI). In connection to products and brands, Avatars can improve customer relations.

Charamel merges concept, creation and technology to multifunctional digital personalities. We combine market-proved software and hardware topics to interactive scenarios, which enables a natural service from face to face with help of a digital counterpart. To provide that all technological approaches and projects are up-to-date, we focus on results from our interdisciplinary research work with institutes and other companies.

We offer customized solutions and support from the idea to the usage: Whether you need a digital live presenter to highlight your event, a digital assistant for customer service in web or mobile applications, or a virtual coach for educational sectors. Our solutions and technology can upgrade versatile application scenarios:

  • Online Assistance: Digital assistants in web or on mobile devices give your company and products a face. It improves trust, increases the customer support and reduces support costs.
  • Shows & Events: ‘Live’ characters highlight your events, create a new interactive experience and amaze customers. Use live presenters as an interactive conversation partner, a storyteller or brand-hero.
  • Coaching and training systems: Virtual coaches increase the attention and upgrade classical training systems, coaching, briefings for quality assurance or audits.
  • Gamification: Interactive game environments in stationary trading, trade fairs and events or online need moderation and help. Especially in fields of serious games, a virtual presenter can optimize your game environment.
  • Trading: Avatars at the point of sale or point of information support customers in their purchase process as an advisor, entertainer or sales assistant. The integration in interactive applications, navigation systems or in marketing support increase frequency and customer support.
  • Tourism: Whether as a check-in agent at airport terminals or hotels, as a service assistant in hotel rooms or when booking a journey. Digital assistants support fully automated processes user-friendly and human-like.

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