Take a particular kind of Selfie

Bayer Photobox

Stage yourself in our greenscreen Photobox!

In context of the interactive exhibition tour "Science For A Better Life" from the company Bayer, Charamel developed - on behalf of the agency facts and fiction GmbH - a Selfie-Photobox. The visitors can make a particular kind of selfie. Focus of the exhibition are the themes health, agribusiness and high-class material. To show these topics in the selfies as well, it is possible to change the background of the taken pictures through a greenscreen. The visitor can decide between five different backgrounds: If there is a blood plasma or a cow in the background, it is the visitor's decision. The smartphone looking photo station includes a touchscreen and the taken picture can be scanned easily through a QR Code and then downloaded on the own smartphone. The visitors can experience the Photobox and other interactive exhibition objects in Baykomm in Leverkusen.