New Ültje-man becomes a cinema star

The new Ültje-man developed by Charamel is virtual and inspired cinema audiences.

Ueltje Webseite

Nuts and movies. This is the message of the Charamel produced spot for Ültje. Concept, composition, design and a customised Ültje avatar are all carried out by Charamel. The result is a musical and funny performance of the new Ültje guy. The spot could be seen in Cinemax theatres. Moreover, the new Ültje website was relaunched and has a brand new style - and this is the same with the new Ültje-Man, their company Avatar. Charamel is responsible for the production of the Avatar, the concept and animation of it on the website. Ültje is going an innovative step for an emotional and personalized brand communication.

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