Emotions in Digital Network

Cyber Emotions - the power of emotions and the changes in a post-digital world.

How is our world changing through the internet? What is the future of technical innovations in recent years? These are questions that concern many people. We are in the middle of it in the "digital revolution" and are overtaxed by the rapid development times. A film by Natalie Reinking that was shown at ZDFinfo in october 2013.

What we do with the internet and what does it do with us? Through social networks, blogs, forums & more we bring emotions into the digital world, make these world and get emotional feedback. The boundaries between the virtual world and reality disappear more and more. But where do we, as humans, users and social beings, stay in the future? The internet changes our emotional life or the emotional experience?
A very complex issue, but the film Cyber Emotions tells interesting stories and shows exciting expert commentary of future solutions. Interviews with online dater, tattooed and directors of local museum, anthropologists, sociologists and marketing experts and business psychologists.
It is also about how computers are emotional and get more human touch. That in the future we have all our digital butler and maybe our friends are Avatars. An issue in which the Charamel GmbH is presented.