VuppetMaster - Real-Time Avatar in HTML 5 and WebGL

VuppetMaster is a cloud-based development environment for creating and using Avatar-based interactive 3D applications. Target platforms are besides PCs increasingly web browsers and mobile devices. With VuppetMaster there is no plugin needed through the WebGL export for 3D presentation of Avatars in common browsers. 

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Free of cost software for Students and Researchers

We believe that learning and researching is the key to universities, research institutes and educational institutes - that is why we are proud to support students, researchers and academic institutions worldwide with a free access to our VuppetMaster software.

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CharAT - Real-Time Avatar Animation Creator

CharAT is an intuitive to use authoring tool for creating high quality Avatar-scripts and 3D real-time character animation for an integration into other applications. Avatars can be set in scene easily and can be used in multiple applications as human-machine-interface. Additional CharAT enables a 3D real-time animation of virtual characters and video rendering.


CharActor Development Program

CharActor is a real-time rendering software to present and use interactive Avatars/ characters on technical devices, kiosk systems, car navigation and other applications for human-machine-interface. Low data volume and real-time generated motions allow interactivity and animation in high quality through integration in an embedded solution.