Free Software License for Students & Researchers

We believe that learning and researching is the key for universities, research institutes and educational institutes - that is why we are proud to support students, researchers and academic institutions worldwide with a free access to our VuppetMaster software.

Free License Vuppetmaster

Are you a student, researcher or teacher and looking for Avatar-software for learning, research-projects, university work and educational purpose? Charamel supports you with a free of cost VuppetMaster software license. We also support universities, research institutes and other educational institutions that are interested in the usage of Avatars within educational purpose. The VuppetMaster software license is available as a cloud-service.

How to use the FREE VuppetMaster software?

Please load the PDF-form (Download PDF-form) and send us the completed form to the mentioned e-mail address. If you can fulfil our requirements, you will get a login to use VuppetMaster for FREE of cost for non-commercial use and projects only.
We point out that a misuse leads to an immediately refuse of access. 

Apply for your license access to VuppetMaster now! Click this link to open register form!