VuppetMaster - 3D Real-Time Avatars

VuppetMaster® is a cloud-based development environment for creating and using Avatar-based interactive 3D applications. Target platforms are besides PCs increasingly web browsers and mobile devices. With VuppetMaster there is no plugin needed through the WebGL export for 3D presentation of Avatars in common browsers. The name VuppetMaster is a result of the word PuppetMaster. VuppetMaster controls a server sided usage of virtual puppets, the so-called Vuppets and is a registered brand name.

VuppetMaster® is a cloud-based development environment for creating and using avatar-based interactive 3D applications. With VuppetMaster, interactive 3D scenes can be easily created. Simple, intuitive and usable without additional software in all common browsers. No in-depth technical knowledge is required to create interactive avatar applications. Using the convenient Storybuilder tool, avatars, scenes, cameras and many other functions can be created simply by drag&drop.

VuppetMaster is the visualization platform for the next generation of multimodal user interfaces by digital humans, especially in addition to multimodal speech dialog systems. VuppetMaster offers developers and users the integration of an efficient visualization tool with the use of facial expressions, gestures and body language in order to adapt the system behavior flexibly and in real time to the dialog course and the social-emotional context.

Chatbots, digital assistants or training systems are thus supported even more credibly and with an individual personality using an avatars. This new form of digital communication in the internet makes customer dialogues, recommendation, advice and tutoring systems even more efficient and attractive. 3D Avatars or Assistants make the smart service world even easier for people to use, create a user experience and makes communication trustworthy.

VuppetMaster - 3D avatars easy to use