VuppetMaster - 3D Real-Time Avatars

VuppetMaster® is a cloud-based development environment for creating and using Avatar-based interactive 3D applications. Target platforms are besides PCs increasingly web browsers and mobile devices. With VuppetMaster there is no plugin needed through the WebGL export for 3D presentation of Avatars in common browsers. The name VuppetMaster is a result of the word PuppetMaster. VuppetMaster controls a server sided usage of virtual puppets, the so-called Vuppets and is a registered brand name. 

What is VuppetMaster for?

With VuppetMaster interactive 3D scenes can be presented. Diverse menues and forms enable a control of camera und scene. A scene consists of an Avatar, animation, accessories and sounds.

VuppetMaster is a visualisation platform for the next generation of multimodal user interfaces through digital human contact partners, especially in addition to multimodal speech dialog systems. VuppetMaster allows developers and users the integration of an efficient visualisation solution with usage of mimic, gesture and body language. This creates a flexible and real-time adaptation of the system behaviour with the dialogue process and social emotional context.

Chatbots, digital assistants or coaching systems are getting even more credible under the usage of Avatars and support with an individual personality. Customer dialogues, recommendation, advisory and tutor systems are getting even more efficient and attractive through the new form of digital communication in the internet of services. These individualized virtual agents create an easier usability of the smart service world for every human and allows a personal experience.

VuppetMaster with HTML5 and WebGL: The new generation

The independence of plugins and an improvement of performance are the clear advantages of VuppetMaster through a WebGL support.

On client side since the implementation of HTML5 exists in accordance with compatible web browsers an increasing amount of presentation forms that do not need any plugin. The combination of HTML5 and WebGL enables a complex 3D presentation in browsers with VuppetMaster. WebGL stands for Web Graphics Library and is a component of all new web browsers. With WebGL it is possible to render hardware accelerated 3D graphics and objects directly in browsers. Different frameworks simplify the programming of 3D browser applications and makes it more comfortable.

The advantages of VuppetMaster with HTML5 and WebGL:

  • No plugins needed
  • Hardware accelerated
  • Standardized
  • Programming via JavaScript
  • REST-interface
  • TTS usage of different providers

VuppetMaster – Cloud-based with many modules

VuppetMaster is a central platform and offers many modules for the creation, generation and operation of Avatar based applications.:

  • Product solutions with different range of services for usage in different applications on all digital devices
  • Online controlling and maintenance through an authoring tool
  • Contribution of any content and/or usage of a flexible content management tool with authoring function for maintenance of Avatars
  • Backend system for integration in different applications like websites, mobile-apps, kiosk-applications etc.
  • Integration in browser based applications via WebGL/Web3D-standard or alternative as native application with CharActor Player
  • Open interface: Avatars can be controlled through a REST-interface or directly via JavaScript. The service includes different TTS-licenses of common providers.

More information and product demos can be found here soon!