Chat with an avatar


An avatar is more than a visual representation of a digital contact. They can build trust, engage customers, and personalize brands both physically and psychologically in the form of a person, companion, or contact. Every day we deal with many anonymized platforms, record information and act with technical systems. 3D avatars, Digital Humans or Virtual Companions not only create face-to-face communication between humans and machines, but above all provide emotional support.

The more digital things become, the more customers demand human relationships. An avatar helps respond to this need by compensating for the absence of humans and adding a social dynamic to the relationship between brands and their customers.

In short, by adding a face to your chatbot, you can ensure the continuity of the human-to-human dialogue. But without users forgetting they're talking to a virtual assistant.

When equipped with an avatar, your chatbot is no longer a simple tool. As a communication tool or employee of their company, it allows for more personalized communication, which can take the form of a regular team member. Everything is configurable: its appearance (man or woman, robot or animal, etc.), its clothing, its personality, the values it conveys, the sound of its voice and much more.

Give your chatbot a face using an avatar and make the user experience more dynamic, lively and relevant. Don't just give it any face, though: find the one that best embodies your brand and values while encouraging natural, social interactions.

We work on humanizing computer interaction and implement software solutions that, combined with your chatbot or AI system, can help both the clientele and you in many ways. An intelligent avatar can emotionally respond and react to a human's behavior. This is made possible by our cloud-based solutions and expertise in 3D visualization as well as dialog and voice control based on emotion recognition.

Whether it's a chatbot or more in-depth AI systems, we're happy to support you! Get in touch with us!