Virtual Trainer

Get to know the advantages of a coaching with Avatars.

Optimize your coaching and training opportunities through the integration of Avatars. Avatars as virtual coaches bring a lot of advantages. An interactive Avatar-based coaching aims an effective knowledge transfer and increases the learning process. Whether trainings, queries, briefings for quality assurance or audits, a virtual coach is available in different fields of application.

Why Avatars?

Serious games are getting more important in a modern knowledge-based society, because knowledge can be imparted through playing actions easily. By playing computer games, the gamer actively takes part and leaves the passive consumer role. This creates a higher emotional bond to the content, which increases the learning process. Avatars or virtual coaches support this process and can be used to increase the knowledge transfer. In contrast to current events in coachings or trainings, Avatars bring flexibility. Moreover, it reduces the expense in organization and learning content can be reworked and updated easily. The learning content can be imparted clearly through facial expressions and gesture and results in a better receptiveness. An entertaining and interactive knowledge transfer increases the attractiveness and memory. Furthermore, a communication from face to face creates identification.

More advantages for you!

Virtual coaches bring even more advantages:

  • 24/7 usage
  • reduce of costs
  • multilingual: in 30 languages
  • easy maintainability
  • increase of attention and emotional bond
  • motivating

We support you!

We create an Avatar-based coaching for your personal wishes. From the first idea, to the conception and visualisation of the learning content with an interactive Avatar, up to a fully e-Learning tool - we support you at any time. You decide: Whether an individual created Avatar as your training leader, or your own brand-mascot as a popular figure. We create your individual application of a coaching or training. Let our virtual coaches teach you and persuade yourself how helpful our Avatars can be in this process.