Avatar Service in Car Devices

Efficient service in navigation systems with integrated Avatars as virtual assistants.

Drivers have to challenge the more and more complex controlling of cars, caused by an ever-growing technology and service scope. Avatars help the user in an efficient handling, learning of essential functions and at the faster reaction in cars. Independent studies of the automotive industry show a high acceptance of avatars in communication with cars and a considerable more efficient and faster control and therefore an optimization in car safety. Charamels Avatars can be integrated in the system architecture and react to information in real-time. This human-machine interface (HMI) enables an interaction between driver and Avatar as a car assistant. In an interactive dialogue with the driver the virtual assistant helps to control the user interface easier; without reading a user manual. Completely spoken sentences of the driver can be interpreted by the system through artifical intelligence.

Avatars support drivers with speech, facial expressions and gesture and replace the user manual through versatile usable, efficient virtual assistants.


Charamel integrated Carla into a radio navigation system for the Volkswagen AG. The driver has the opportunity to see the Avatar Carla on the display. She explains the requested functionality of the RNS810. Charamel exclusively developed a virtual assistant for the MyFord Touch Guide app for Ford. The Avatar supports in the help mode and explains the functionality of the system. The integrated Avatar for Mercedes can react on active input of the user, but also through accustic alert signals with additional information.

With the collaboration of the Audi AG and the TH Munich, Charamel worked at an "Avatar-based Virtual Co-driver-System" (AviCoS). A natural language user interface helps the driver like a virtual user manual. This system can impart the requested information only through language and from face to face. The driver questions were interpreted through the system and answered by the integrated Avatar.