Virtual Trainer - 3D avatars as ideal knowledge mediators

26.07.2019 - Press report

The learning platform Virtual Trainer from Charamel enables web-based, efficient and cost-effective training around the clock

Cologne, 27 June 2019 - Lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important. The Cologne-based company Charamel, expert in 3D real-time animation and 3D-supported learning, presents the Virtual Trainer, an interactive, completely web-based learning platform for training and further education for the first time.


3D Assisted Learning is an innovative method for interactive learning and training in which a virtual 3D assistant - a so-called avatar - is integrated into various three-dimensional training scenarios. Platform and trainings are completely cloud based and run in the browser. The interactive training sessions can be called up via PC, smartphone or tablet and are available around the clock.

The Cologne-based company Charamel has been proving for many years that state-of-the-art technology does not necessarily have to come from abroad. The innovative team continuously develops groundbreaking 3D solutions for emotional human-machine communication. The latest highlight is the Virtual Trainer, with which small and medium-sized enterprises in particular can easily and cost-effectively implement and tailor training courses to their specific needs. For example, the legally required employee training courses on safety, fire protection, hygiene, energy and environmental issues - as well as any other training topics - can be implemented cost-effectively with the Virtual Trainer.

Instead of a real person, a virtual trainer, the so-called avatar, takes over the training. This presents the contents in language, animation, with visual and textual support - analogous to a real presentation. What is interesting here is that the Virtual Trainer is not a ready-made, running film, but a virtual personality that acts interactively at all times. This means that the training courses are extremely lively and sustainable and that the teaching materials are demonstrably memorised better and faster. In contrast to classical training courses, the contents are communicated interactively and supported by knowledge tests in a playful way.

State of the art: 24/7, cloud-based, platform-independent and multilingual

A special unique feature of Charamel's Virtual Trainer is that both the platform and the trainings themselves are completely cloud-based - thus eliminating the usual data- and time-intensive uploads. And the employees can access the browser-based training at any time around the clock and from any device - whether it is PC, laptop or smartphone. Another USP: The training courses can be created in 30 languages. Any existing language barriers can thus be dismantled.

As an experienced expert in interactive training software, Charamel naturally also considers all safety-relevant aspects: For example, an individual login ID is created for each employee who calls up a training course, and only the company itself knows which person this ID belongs to. With the help of the login ID, the employee can call up the training - regardless of whether in the company, in the home office or on the road. Subsequently, the entrepreneur receives the documentation for participation. All internal company information remains always and exclusively within the company.

How it works in practice: In four steps to individual virtual training

  • Selection of topics: The customer (the company commissioning the training) selects the desired topic from the training portfolio available at Charamel or compiles its specific, individual training content.
  • Creation: Charamel develops a virtual trainer training based on the delivered content and makes it available in a protected area to which only the customer has access.
  • Implementation: The customer receives the individual login IDs for the employees. Employees can then complete the training via PC, laptop or smartphone.
  • Documentation: The customer receives a final, comprehensive training documentation.

About Charamel:

Charamel GmbH, based in Cologne, Germany, develops comprehensive 3D real-time animations for the next generation of interactive human-machine communication. The company has been a project partner in various research projects of the federal ministries for many years and has been creating interactive training software and digital 3D assistants to support increasingly emotional human-machine communication for around 20 years. Charamel's customers include well-known companies from industry, services, research and trade such as Audi, Bosch, ECE, Ford, Samsung, Telekom and Vodafone. Further information can be found at

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