Charamel and Parlamind at the Digital2018 fare


Charamel und Parlamind auf der Digital2018Telekom is hosting the DIGITAL2018 fare in the halls of Koelnmesse. The fare’s name already suggests it -it’s all about digitization. Big names in the industry are giving speeches at keynotes about various topics during the 7th and 8th of November. In the course of digitization, dialog-based customer service in online shops is becoming increasingly relevant. Using an online shop for drone technology as a use case scenario, Parlamind and Charamel teamed up to present a new assistance system that will revolutionise customer support.

Parlamind is developing AI- based customer service solutions for businesses. Charamel is providing the in-house cloud-based VuppetMaster technology which is going to be the “face” of the application to enrich the consumer experience.