Software Engineering

Our employees in software engineering focus on further development of 3D real-time software in usage of human-machine-communication.

Our technology combines top standard real-time animation, 3D rendering and state-of-the-art speech synthesis. We integrate our solutions to enable a versatile and intuitive man-machine communication in web portals, mobile terminals, car navigation and kiosk solutions, as well as in consumer electronics. Our prime intention is an almost human-like face to face communication.

Charamel's knowledge in usability, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality/ augmented reality (VR/AR), face and body recognition, new sensors and positioning recognition, are relevant for interactive applications.

Our software solutions are “made in Germany”. Charamel is constantly improving its technologies, to always guarantee up-to-date standards and offer versatile customized solutions. A key factor is the know-how transfer to and from joint projects with other companies and institutions to develop and integrate vital technology.