VuppetMaster® - 3D avatars easy to use

Cologne, 14 February 2019

Digitalization is gaining more and more importance and today the concept of the virtual assistant is no longer a foreign word for most people. With avatars it is possible to create a natural and interactive communication between man and machine and to provide the user with a new usability experience.


Over time, many companies struggled to adapt to digital progress without being trained in software development. Small and medium-sized companies in particular often can't manage the high costs that are involved.

VuppetMaster takes this approach and offers a development environment in which it is possible to create your own avatar-based 3D applications without programming knowledge. The real-time animation software is a cloud-based service and can be easily integrated via all standard browsers. Additional software is no longer required. The representation takes place via the WebGL export. Using the Storybuilder as a comfortable authoring tool, anyone can design the script for their avatar and thereby create movements, emotions and cameras according to their own ideas.

Incorporating the 3D application is also no longer a challenge, as the avatar can be implemented into any website using a short code. It is also possible to dock on the interface to ensure more interactivity during programming. The finished project can be used in different areas depending on the application. Whether as an interactive chatbot on the website, as a virtual trainer or as a digital assistant, the fields of application are numerous.

As technology has evolved from smartphones to speech assistants over time, the latest research has its origins in face-to-face communication, which enables an avatar as a link between man and machine. What is still being worked on in silicon valley we can make available to everyone today.

This creates a social connection in the communication between human and machine and can be used as a new multimodal and user-friendly human-machine interface. In conjunction with products and brands, avatars strengthen customer relationships and guide users and developers alike on the path to a digital future that preserves the value of direct communication.

With VuppetMaster, Charamel GmbH shows that future-oriented solutions are possible for everyone and that there are no limits to innovation.

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