With Avatars as Emotional Visual User Interfaces to the "Next Level User Experience"

Or how to revolutionize the customer approach and increase customer satisfaction

Who can relate?

Avatar solutions

Self-service portals, endless FAQ/help texts and long waiting times in service hotlines? Recurring questions from customers? Bad ratings on online portals? Chatbots where a lot of typing is required and then no solution is delivered?

What can Charamel's developments do for me?

We will show you how to resolve many bottlenecks, help your customers and users to overcome hurdles in the acceptance of digital processes and better use your resources profitably or focused on specific issues!

How to do it?

Give your AI-based conversational service and sales bot a face and a voice with our platform for web-based emotional visual user interfaces.

Intuitive from the start and therefore quite simple in every way:

A UX that relies on the face-to-face dialog communication method that people are familiar with doesn't need to be learned. Communication at your digital point of sale, service or information now works intuitively!

Thus, friendly virtual service assistants can interact directly and, at least in a first step, help to overcome the hurdles in the operation of digital services.

A successful practical example of optimization in customer service through artificial intelligence is Deutsche Bahn's "SEMMI" service assistant, developed in cooperation with Charamel. The intelligent system as a reliable source of information improves the quality, capacity and offer of the railroad in customer service. With fast, convenient and accurate information, it relieves on-site staff, bundles knowledge for travelers, speaks several languages, also answers questions beyond the actual journey and learns automatically. In this way, visual digital assistants provide a more comprehensive quality of advice and the convenience of intuitive interaction for a high user experience (UX).

For questions that cannot be answered directly, analog service employees join in. In this context, artificial intelligence learns directly.

It can be observed that the usual key figures for measuring service quality, such as the number of directly resolved inquiries (First Call Resolution FCR), are continuously increasing. The proportion of necessary referrals is falling. If the type and number of inquiries remain the same, costs can be reduced and freed-up resources can be used specifically for service and sales excellence.

A positive development of the ratings "NPS - Net Promoter Score" can usually be observed as well.

Why are emotional visual interfaces being considered by many companies right now to improve the UX? Charamel CEO Alexander Stricker comments as follows: "In the last 2 years, Charamel has succeeded in providing the unique technology for rendering Digital Avatars as an open SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform for chatbots and similar dialogue-based technologies. The different effects of a virtual but empathetic counterpart are well known to UX specialists, but until then they were always linked to the download of a software. This, in turn, represented a major hurdle.

Now, we are in a position to depict digital counterparts - whether an artificial figure or an image of a real person - via the web browser, i.e. multimodally. Users do not have to install any additional software. This is a milestone in the technological development in the field of 'emotional visual user interfaces' and explains the development."

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