Avatar Gloria provides support in Service-Meister's AI education program

For eco - Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V. (Association of the Internet Economy), Avatar Gloria plays an important role in Service-Meister's free e-learning program since October 3, 2022. In the learning program, she explains to service technicians in a practical as well as lively and accessible way how artificial intelligence (AI) supports them in their everyday work and why AI belongs in every toolbox.

Avatar Gloria's engagement with Service-Meister, an AI-based service ecosystem for technical service in the age of Industry 4.0, is designed to facilitate entry into AI education and access to the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through Gloria's practical and clear explanations in the six segments in the service life cycle in Service-Meister's free learning program, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) gradually learn about the potential of and how to safely handle AI applications. With Gloria's help, SMEs discover how to quickly and easily introduce an AI-based ecosystem into the enterprise to better leverage and market in-house service knowledge.

In the open source curriculum, Service-Meister, with the support of the charming avatar Gloria, provides the basis for integrating operational knowledge around artificial intelligence (AI) more and more naturally into further training measures of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The e-learning course and additional AI education programs are available free of charge on the AI Campus. You can watch Gloria's engagement in the six segments in the service life cycle and in the summarizing Service-Meister teaser on YouTube - our Charamel team created the videos with our authoring tool VuppetMaster® Storybuilder:

Six Segments in the Service Life Cycle: Click here for the playlist on YouTube.

Service-Meister Teaser: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-WNHjihPpk (or at the end of this post)

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