Charamel becomes a partner of the European Research Project V-3DAS and is responsible for the production of Video-machinimas.

Promoted and coordinated by Serifo srl, in cooperation with eight Partners from seven European countries (Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Greece and Germany), the project V-3DAS (Virtual 3D Agri-Stage for experiential learning) aims at sustaining the innovation in the agricultural sector in terms of professional development and empowerment of competences and knowledge. These elements are directions which lead the project to encourage the training of a new generation of farmers who are able to act as entrepreneurs.

The project V-3DAS (Virtual 3D Agri-Stage for experiential learning) is placed within the challenges put by the European Commission to support the generational turnover of the agricultural entrepreneurship class, through the updating of the repertory of professional competences available in EU. This challenge necessarily demands the development and the formalisation of approaches of Lifelong Learning suitable to promote the acquirement and improvement of technical-professional competences and of transversal skills characterising the entrepreneurial profile. In this perspective, the project explores and exploits the potentialities offered by the interactive virtual worlds for the construction of pathways of guided apprenticeships in entrepreneurial roles, within a training pathway organically structured and oriented towards the acquisition of managerial competences and entrepreneurial skills.

The project, co-financed by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme - KA3, ICT for Learning, may represent a first step towards the design of an innovative set of methodologies and tools for the construction and the support of such a process of entrepreneurship.


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