Empathic Human-Machine Interaction to Increase Trust and Acceptance of Automated Driving

Empathisches HMI mit Avatar

In addition to technical implementation, acceptance on the part of potential users is a key requirement for the successful market launch of partially, highly and fully automated driving functions. Two important elements in this context are a sufficient degree of trust in system safety and a perceivable added value or a positive user experience. On this basis, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Charamel is jointly developing an empathic human-machine interaction (EMMI) with partners from industry and research over a period of three years.

In the project, Charamel serves several main focal points. It focuses on the investigation as well as operationalization of the use of an intelligent visual assistant (avatar) in different social roles with different social-communicative and technological functions in the context of automated driving. This serves as a basis for developing empathic interaction concepts and building trust in/to an autonomous driving vehicle.

The project partners will jointly develop a necessary test environment in which the effectiveness and acceptance of the subsystems, as well as the synthesized overall concept, will be carried out with the help of systematic expert and user studies.

This will be followed by further technology developments, implemented by the respective partners, for the realization of a multimodal human-machine interaction:

- Integration of new display technologies (e.g. holography) in the field of automotive glazing as a visual interface

- Construction of the verbal and auditory interface with suitable dialogs and audio signals

In the course of the project, the individual building blocks of human-machine interaction will be iteratively synthesized into a holistic multimodal interaction concept and realized in a final demonstrator.

Project name: EMMI - Empathic Human-Machine Interaction for Increasing the Acceptance of Automated Driving

Project duration: 01.09.2020 – 31.08.2023

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