Digital Avatar as virtual trainer for the vehicle fleet

Charamel and save4drive conclude cooperation

Cologne, March 5, 2020 - Cologne-based Charamel GmbH, a specialist for interactive avatar-based assistance systems and 3D-supported learning, has developed a browser-based eLearning course for driver training together with the company save4drive. The aim of this innovative 3D solution is to train professional drivers in the best possible way and to noticeably reduce the costs of fleet management.


Downtime for education and training is a hot topic for many decision makers and it is not easy to balance the loss of work with further education. This is exactly where eLearning4drivers comes in. It playfully transports the most important contents from the areas of StresslessDriving, CrashlessParking as well as Driving Safety and informs about the benefits and challenges of eMobility. elearning4drivers is based on the 3D-Assisted-Learning platform "Virtual Trainer" by Charamel.

Avatar Gloria supports the digital driver trainings

In a playful way, the Digital Avatar Gloria, developed by Charamel, demonstrates to drivers how self-induced stress causes high costs and endangers themselves and other road users. Gloria explains, supports and interviews the drivers. She gives important assistance and conveys solutions on how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations at an early stage. The 15 - 17 minutes training sessions are designed with videos, small games and examples from everyday life. In order to offer drivers the greatest added value, the contents of the eLearning4drivers are available in several languages.

Instead of a real person, eLearnings4drivers uses a virtual trainer - the Digital Avatar Gloria. She presents the contents in language, animation, with pictorial and textual support - analogous to a real presentation. Interesting: The Virtual Trainer is not a ready-made, running film, but a virtual personality that acts interactively at any time. This means that the trainings are extremely lively and sustainable, and the learning material is demonstrably easier and faster to remember. In contrast to classical training courses, the contents are conveyed interactively and supported by knowledge tests in a playful way.

The knowledge imparted in eLearnings4drivers provides sustainable support in reducing fleet costs, saving fuel and moving more safely in road traffic. As a result, damage rates, damage amounts and insurance premiums can be reduced and the costs of deductibles lowered.

This is how training courses work today: Conveniently on a smartphone, accessible anywhere and anytime

With elearning4drivers - based on Virtual Trainer from Charamel - drivers can easily complete the training courses without installation, browser-based and at any time. The integrated learning management manages training, participants and documentation and offers all technical and conceptual possibilities for learning in a 3D environment with an avatar as trainer. For eLearning4drivers Virtual Trainer has been developed enormously. Now all trainings take place in a 3D room. And thanks to the intelligent authoring tool, trainings can be adapted easily and quickly without technical know-how. Charamel has been developing groundbreaking 3D solutions for user-friendly and lively human-machine communication for years with great success.

"We are very pleased about the cooperation with save4drive", says Alexander Stricker, Managing Director of Charamel GmbH. "The synergies between the two companies have led to an intelligent eLearning system that combines expert knowledge in fleet management and driver training with high-end technology! save4drive is a recognised expert in this field and is well networked in the industry".

Bernd Hänel, founder and owner of save4drive, is also proud of the result. "Together with Charamel, we have created an effective aid tool for all companies with vehicle fleets in a short development time. The technology of the Charamel learning environment with the Virtual Trainer as well as the expertise of the Charamel team convinced us from the very beginning that together we would succeed in communicating content in an attractive and sustainable way", says Bernd Hänel. "We are sure that eLearning4drivers represents a quantum leap with predominant advantages in the area of driver training and at the same time brings the efficiency and savings that are required in fleet management".

eLearning4drivers will be presented for the first time by save4drive at exhibtion Flotte on 18 and 19 March 2020 in Düsseldorf. (Hall 8a, booth i 24)

For journalists: Please contact the contact listed below to arrange an appointment at Flotte.

BU: eLearning4drivers - a jointly developed 3D driver training from Charamel and save4drive

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