Charamel presents the first Digital Concierge @ MWC 2020

07.02.2020 - Press Release

Highlight at the Mobile World Congress 2020: Digital avatar from Charamel welcomes and informs visitors @ stand of NRW

Köln, 07. Februar 2020 – Charamel presents a Digital Concierge at the international mobile communications congress in Barcelona and shows how digitalization can be made more human and intuitive.


For the first time, Cologne-based Charamel GmbH, a specialist for interactive avatar-based assistance systems and applications, is presenting an intelligent digital avatar that welcomes visitors as a concierge at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and answers questions about the services offered by participating companies at the trade fair stand of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - Hall 6, Stand 6B40. The virtual concierge Melanie looks remarkably real and is the image of a real person.

Visitors to the stand in Barcelona will be welcomed by Melanie, the virtual concierge, and can be informed via speech about the exhibitors on the NRW state stand and their product highlights. Melanie recognizes the visitor and only becomes active when someone is interested in her. Questions are answered promptly and additional information is visualized in a supporting way. And if a visitor asks about a good restaurant or the current weather, Melanie is not shy to answer. Melanie has an excellent general knowledge and can answer questions beyond the fair. The concierge, designed by Charamel, reacts interactively to everything that the fair visitor wants to know. Facial expressions, gestures, speech and behaviour are calculated and displayed in real time. This is made possible by the in-house AI-controlled 3D visualization software VuppetMaster, which implements the emotional behaviour of the digital human on the basis of the answers generated by the AI dialogue system. The digital avatar recognizes the user, gives voice answers to the questions asked in a dialogue and provides additional information.

AI realizes it: Digital assistants like Melanie in various industries

"Emotional communication and the integration of non-verbal behaviour are of fundamental importance for the interpretation of situations in communication. This is the only way to achieve optimal customer satisfaction and service optimization, as situations are interpreted contextually. This includes emotion as well as dialogue", says Alexander Stricker, co-founder and managing director of Charamel. "We are very proud to present our clever, empathetic and charming Melanie to an international audience at this important trade fair and at the same time to provide her as a digital fair concierge to the visitors of the NRW state stand."

Charamel develops avatars for different applications and is specialized in interactive and intelligent solutions. Results of several years of research and development projects are continuously integrated into the in-house developed software VuppetMaster. One of the special features is that the digital avatar solution is cloud-based and can therefore be displayed in browsers across major platforms. The appearance of a digital avatar can be designed flexibly: from simple virtual figures to brand mascots and photo-realistic images of real people. In the end, the customer decides how the digital contact should look like. The virtual concierge Melanie was realized in cooperation with Renderpeople, specialist for 3D scanning of real people. Renderpeople has one of the most modern photogrammetry scanners in the world.

Digital avatars are the optimal complement to real employees and take care of standardized tasks. Charamel’s presentation in Barcelona shows only one case for the use of the digital avatar. Whether in the hotel industry as virtual concierge, at trade fairs & events at check-in, as consultant for banks and insurance companies, as sales assistant in e-commerce or in stationary trade, as travel companion or information assistant at railway stations or airports, as virtual personnel consultant in HR & recruiting, as guide for e-learning training in companies or in education, as digital assistant in the health sector - there are no limits to the applications. Ultimately, digital avatars are to support standardized tasks and humanize communication.

The virtual concierge as well as other impressive avatar solutions - completely Made in Germany - will be presented by Charamel in hall 6 booth B40.

For journalists: Please contact the contact listed below to arrange an appointment at MWC.

BU : MWC - Charmanter Digitaler Avatar Melanie begrüßt die Messebesucher des NRW-Landesstandes

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Charamel GmbH, based in Cologne, Germany, develops comprehensive 3D real-time animations for the next generation of interactive human-machine communication. The company has been a project partner in various research projects of the German Federal Ministries for many years and has been creating interactive training software as well as digital 3D assistants to support an increasingly emotional human-machine communication for more than 20 years. Charamel's customers include well-known industry, service, research and trade companies such as Audi, Bosch, ECE, Ford, Samsung, Telekom and Vodafone. Further information is available at

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