CharAT - Real-Time Avatar Animation Creator

Easy to use authoring tool for video creation and high quality 3D real-time character animation.

CharAT combines video production with 3D real-time character/avatar animation for rendering movies or creating interactive control scripts for avatar integration into applications.

Production Environment


  • Comfortable Drag & Drop Timeline Editing
  • Realtime Renderer for instant animation and preview
  • One click video creation
  • Flexible and customizable User Interface

Rendering & Output

CharAT Rendering Output

  • Realtime Preview of Animation
  • Multiple Video Output Formats: AVI, WMV, Quicktime, TIF-sequences
  • Customizable Video Resolution
  • Support of Alpha Layers for Quicktime and TIF for transparent backgrounds (Overlay Video, Alpha Channel)
  • High speed rendering
  • Export of interactive control script for interactive real-time avatar integration into applications. (SDK included)


CharAT Avatars

  • 2 integrated avatars (Mark & Gloria)
  • Additional avatars/characters  available on request
  • Customized avatars on request
  • Animation of Multiple Avatars in one Scene
  • Easy Exchange of Avatars at any time

Motion Library & Set features

CharAT Features

  • Automatic Animation
  • Large standard motion library for special Motions (greet, present, point...)
  • Easy Drag & Drop of Motions in timeline
  • Facial Animation Set (Emotions)
  • Creation and Control of User-Defined Cameras
  • Automatic Lip-synchronization of voice output

Voice & Audio

CharAT - Sound

  • Support of recorded Voice Sound-files (wav)
  • Support of Text-To-Speech Systems
  • English Text-to-Speech language (f/m) included
  • Nearly 30 Additional TTS Languages available on demand
  • Automatic Lip-synchronization for TTS and recorded Voice Files
  • Background Sounds or sound effects by using pre-recorded sound-files