CharAT - Real-Time Avatar Animation Creator

CharAT is a brand new easy to use authoring tool for video creation and high quality 3D real-time character animation. It combines video production with 3D real-time character/avatar animation for rendering movies or creating interactive control scripts for avatar integration into applications.


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CharActor Development Program

The CharActor Developer Program was created to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative avatar applications that leverage Charamel's unique avatar solutions. Our innovative solutions enhance the user experience, and unleash the full potential of consumer electronic and all other kind of digital devices.

CharActor is a real-time rendering software to present and use interactive avatars / characters in the internet, on mobile devices, kiosk systems, CD-ROM etc. Low data volume and real-time generated motions allow interactivity and animation in an unprecedented quality.

With the software development kit CharActor SDK you can use a development environment to produce and integrate avatars into your own or existing application.


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