Interactive multimedia systems attract attention, assist sales promotion, support customer service and allow easy and individual information in a perfect addition to human personnel. Today, automate human assistants are used in any field of business process for a more personal and efficient communication. Living.Kiosk provides a far more intuitive assistance and better customer support of interactive systems, using an avatar. This innovative kiosk and terminal solution boosts acceptance, customer contact and loyalty, and helps operating the terminal and transfer information.


Example Videos

Sales promotion at the POS, an easy and efficient check-in service, or as a solution for electronic receivers, work safety, employee self services, waiting rooms, public authorities, tourism and commerce ? the applications for Living.Kiosk are versatile.

Our solutions allow an autonomous creation of individual Living.Kiosk models. On request, we are prototyping for testing phase or standard use.

The CharActor technology enables the integration of interactive assistants in any platform, via standardised interfaces. Overlay mode, state-of-the-art 3D rendering in real-time, automatic lip synch, text-to-speech or recorded sound files can be integrated anytime. Motions, gestures and facial expressions, cameras and other contents are easily controlled via socket and/or xml interfaces. Avatars and dialogues can be updated and altered anytime.