IDA yourGuide

IDA yourGuide is an internet service for an easy integration of avatars or digital assitants on websites. This small business solution is easy to handle, perfect for small and medium sized enterprises (SME's). The avatar player is flexible in the integration by embedding a code and the real-time rendering enables a special overlay visualization of the avatar. The self-service-platform can be used  online at any time and at any place to create and manage the avatar content. 


IDA yourGuide works without any download and the integration into websites is easy to handle. No additional technical investments or equipment is necessary because the service is running on the servers of Charamel. Charamel supports for the service a special code, which has to be integrated into all web pages where the yourGuide has to work.

Presentation, speech and behaviour can be controlled online with the yourGuide administration tool. The graphical usere interface is easy to handle. The yourGuide can be defined and controlled for any page separately. 

All recorded text-messages will be generated into speech by using a text-to-speech-system. The lip-synchronization for the presentation of the content by the avatar works automatically. Upload of pre-recorded sound-files is also possible. Special emoticons enables the controlling of facial expression and different emotional actions.

IDA yourGuide is a perfect solution for SME's. Charamel offers different service packages. To define the right package for you, please get in contact with us!

IDA yourGuide