IDA Professional

The comfortable self-service-platform IDA Professional allows the real-time production of avatar videos, to present interactive digital assistants on all digital platforms. Create avatars with  IDA Professional solution and use them in any interactive communication process. (IDA = Interactive Digital Assistant)



The IDA Professional platform is a multi-flexible system and combines real-time animation, high-class appearance and 3D rendering, speech synthesis of leading providers, sound files, versatile process-oriented interaction, the integration of a company's individual information and data, to produce a human assistant integrated as video.

IDA Professional is a multi-channel solution for web and mobile portals, mobile and kiosk terminals, set-top boxes, TV devices and other digital terminals and media platforms. It is based on the state-of-the-art mocitoAVM┬« technology and facilitates the animation of 2D/3D avatars via a multi-scaleable rendering cluster in real-time. The authoring tool can be customised according to individual needs and allows controlling motions, facial expression and gestures of the avatar and set just like an editing system.

IDA Professional uses leading text-to-speech systems (Nuance, Loquendo etc.) and enables the integration of recorded sound files and works like an editing suite. Due to a flexible and modular design, the IDA Professional system allows any number of users and operation of avatar processes.