Automotive Assistant

Today, drivers are challenged with a more and more complex operation of cars, caused by an ever growing technology and service scope. Avatars allow a more competent handling, learning of vital functions and quicker reaction. Independent studies of the automotive industry show a high acceptance of avatars in communicating with the car and a considerable more efficient and faster control and therefore an optimised vehicle safety. 


Carla - virtual assistant in Volkswagen RNS
Mercedes concept car F700 at the IAA 2007- avatar in Servo HMI
Navigation via avatar at Blaupunkt
Avatar-based navigation at Bosch

The avatar solutions of Charamel are linking speech, dialogue and car, and allow handling the vehicle more easy and flexible via voice-control. The automotive assistant therefore acts as a dialogue interface and provides an intuitive, safe and easy interface for car drivers.

In combination with leading speech recognition and speech synthesis solutions, the automotive assistant offers innovative services and a wide range of functions and tools, developed to meet the high automotive standards.

Example Videos