Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Operating electronic devices is getting more and more complex, because of the ever growing technology and service scope. Avatars allow a more competent handling, learning of vital functions and quicker reaction. Independent studies show a high acceptance of avatars in communication with a considerable more efficient and faster control and therefore an optimisation in using electronic devices.

The avatar solutions of Charamel are linking speech, dialogue and electronic device. Multi-media operating instructions, safe-driving communication in cars, assistant systems in menu navigation - the fields of application are diverse and also establish potential after-sales. We are eager to develop innovative products and provide you with appropriate and widely-accepted avatar solutions.

Because of the diverse options we currently provide these two fields of application:


Avatars simplify the operation of automobiles, which use to get more complex. Find out more about the utilization and options of avatars in cars!  >>more

Consumer Electronic

Interactive user guidance simplifies the handling, brings added value and leads to new forms of communication and entertainment. >>more