Avatar Live Chat - mocitoTalk!

Text chat and emoticons are out! mocitoTalk! turns the user into an actor. This avatar live chat is an interactive virtual puppet theatre, enabling you to appear via an avatar. It is based on the purpose-developed mocitoTalk! technology. An easily operated interface allows you to control your avatar in real-time, define facial expressions and let it speak lip synch with your own voice via connected micro. mocitoTalk! is the next generation of communication - interactive 3D avatars and multimedia instead of simple text messages! Video and synchronic speech is transmitted via Instant Messaging service (Windows Live, Yahoo, Skype etc.) as video stream. The client solution can be offered as download in corporate branding and is easy to install and use. The integration of commercials is possible and increase scope and PIs.

mocitoTalk! is suitable for any chat as well as for customer services in a call centre, for a universally used virtual assistant strengthens customer loyalty.

A huge portfolio of avatars and accessory for any event allow the user to continuously add content to his library.


Live Avatar

Choose your avatar and control it in real-time like a puppet master.

Lip Synch

The avatar automatically speaks every word lip synch.


Define gestures and facial expression via emoticon buttons.


Different camera angles are available.


Place your avatar in front of your own backgrounds.


Add various accessories for fun and individualisation.


Service works with any current Instant Messenger featuring video.


Add avatars and equipment to your portfolio.