AnimatedVideoMessaging (AVM)

AnimatedVideoMessaging (AVM) provides the generation and delivery of animated, personalised video mails in real-time, either by mobile phone or e-mail via internet/WAP. There is no more need to read the message. A chosen avatar speaks any text lip synch.  

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The message is generated and sent by server. AVM is very versatile and the automate next-generation messaging service. It is perfect for direct marketing, to inform customers quick and personalised, as a campaign tool for viral marketing or as a value-added service on websites or mobile portals.

The solution already won the Mobile Application Award. The open interface allows integration in technical platforms in different designs. AnimatedVideoMessaging is hosted on the Charamel server. It uses existing resources, and so investing in expensive IT structures is not necessary. AVM offers only the latest state-of-the-art technology.


Why AnimatedVideoMessaging?

  • Well received by target group because it allows users to express their creativity
  • Creation, presentation and delivery of high-class personalised content
  • Target promotion via viral effects
  • Perfect for data capture
  • Showing and sending created videos set up a community
  • Over 150 different characters
  • Already more than two million created videos
  • Delivers v-mails via e-mail, MMS and / or WAP push
  • AVM is the ideal one-to-one communication tool
  • AVM is an innovative product, boosting customer loyalty, a positive image and viral effect
  • Charamel offers the service as an ASP solution
  • AVM is used by more than 25 mobile operators worldwide


  • Value-added services in mobile portals
  • Mobile entertainment
  • Viral marketing campaigns
  • Video news
  • Direct marketing