As a specialist for character animation, Charamel services also include the creation of 2D and 3D animation and classic clip production. We design and produce film sequences, commercials, clips or other animation contents for any medium, such as mobile, internet, TV or movie. 



Audiences easily identify with an animated character. A protagonist presents a certain product or concept within an entertaining story and fantasy characters manage to inspire all age groups. Today, 2D-/3D character animation has almost completely replaced classic cartoon film.

The application of digital-created characters and avatars offers various possibilities to captivate an audience by a story. Though, a successful character animation is one of the most challenging tasks in 3D animation. A convincing 3D character definitely is a popular figure, appealing on an emotional basis and adding charm and depth to your story.

We're breathing life into your mascot; add any outfit, style and personality and combine diverse innovative production techniques and multi-platform applications as on-stop solutions, ensuring that your character (avatar) is conform to your CI.