As Avatar Solution Provider Charamel offers a variety of multi-channel solutions and provides all applications and communication platforms. High-class presentation and state-of-the-art technology perfect every solution.


Human-Machine-Interface -avatar-integration as interactive, user-friendly interface (embedded solution).

Interactive Digital Assistant - use video-avatars as interacitve assistant with a self-service production solution.

Living.Kiosk - avatar-based kiosk- and terminal-systems as user friendly human maschine interface.

Animated Video Messaging - web and mobile avatar-based service for personalized messaging.

mocitoTalk! - avatar live chat for instant messenger or video-stream conferences. 

Virtual Live Presenters - real-time character animation for shows, events and TV

Animations - key-frame 2D- and 3D-computer-animationen of commercials, clips and other contents.