Charamel - A New Era of Living.Communication

Charamel is a leading supplier of avatar solutions. Our technologies, applications and services give information a face and personal touch thus offering a more efficient communication and handling. "A New Era of Living.Communication" - tends to be more personal, easy and efficient communication in future, and allows dialogue and touch. Avatars meet these requirements on all channels. Whether self service, IVR, consumer electronic, automotive navigation, web assistants, interactive orientation systems - interactive avatar-solutions enable a more vivid communication everywhere. 

High-grade human interaction and a high-quality impression of the avatars require a constant development of inhouse technologies, with regard to cross-platform use.  

Our technology combines top standard real-time animation, 3D rendering and state-of-the-art speech synthesis.  We integrate our solutions to enable a versatile and intuitive man-machine communication in web portals, mobile terminals, automotive radio navigation, set-top boxes and kiosk solutions, as well as in consumer electronics. Our prime intention here is an almost human-like face to face communication.

Charamel offers an ever growing portfolio of avatar solutions and technologies for all platforms. The key factors are a sound know-how, professional services and a wide network of competent partners, to provide companies and organisations with innovative solutions. Whether you intend to improve your customer service, boost productivity or facilitate the operation of your technical devices - Charamel supplies you with a suitable solution.


For further information please contact us:

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